Drinkit Water Purifier Blue

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Drinkit Water Purifier – Blue
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Main features:
1. Drinkit Water Purifier-7000 Liters Designed and developed in the Netherlands based on nano technology.
2. There is no need to boil water in it.
3. Total capacity: 24 liters.
   Capacity of primary chamber: 11 liters.
   Purified Chamber Capacity: 13 Liters.
4. Purified water flow: 1.5 liters/hour maximum (depends on water quality and pressure).
5. Final limit of water purification: 7000 liters.
6. 4 level water purification process (nano technology system).

1st step: Microfiber filter, it removes all visible impurities from the water.
2nd step: Microporous wall, it removes small dirt particles like rust fluid and sediment from the water.
3rd step: colloidal silver layer, this layer removes all types of harmful germs, parasites and bacteria from the water.
Step 4: Activated carbon, this layer removes harmful chemicals like chlorine from the water and maintains the taste and smell of the water.
Also, this purifier removes 99.99% of bacteria, 99% of turbidity, protozoa, heavy metals and iron, making the water completely pure. 

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Weight 1.0000
Manufacturer Vision Electronics
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